Lyne Road

Week ending 7th April

This week the trackwork challenge was more conventional with plastic sleepers and chairs being glued in place. More gluing took place on Lyne Road as the platform surfaces were being fixed down. (cue – joke about a long weight) The NE 6 wheel brake progresses for Wagonman with footboards now in place and handrails added. And Mr Chairman started to re-vamp more shrubs for ABB by removing the old foliage and adding bark colour and texture to the trunks.

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Quiet start

There was a quiet start to the new week with understandable low attendance. Mr Chairman reassembled his 42xx with a replacement gearbox and it returned to running smoothly when pushed along with the coupling rods in place. However, shorting occured when power was applied. Some investigation is needed.

Rhobat has managed to improve the straightness of the support rods on the crane but they still need some tweaking.

Andrew and Paul worked on the platform supports and surface for Lyne Road whilst there was space to erect this layout.

Tuesday was a split evening with some at the club, others on Zoom. Those on-line started with a brief recap on how the show went on the weekend, then we viewed an idea from Andrew N for his own project. Going back to the 1840s and 50s at Newport Docks there were canals, a river, tram roads and railways all providing transport. With some pruning and condensation Andrew suggests a good representation can be produced with interesting stock, buildings and views. Despite being on holiday in New Zealand, we were joined by Rod for this session until the need for breakfast got the better of him. However, he did send the photo of some local exhibits.

Staying in the same time period Albyn reviewed a report on Parliamentary trains. The drawings of the ‘carriages’ used showed that the facilities were very basic. Glass in windows was a rarity, cushioned seats non-existent with the seating so close together you would have interlace your knees with the person opposite. The only good point was that it was better than outside on the top of a horse drawn stagecoach.

As usual Stephen produced some interesting pictures of single parcels cars with tail loads. Somehow we ended with a discussion on ‘Pacers, Good or Bad?’ !!!???

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Wagonman unveiled a Fulgurex HOm Aigle-Sépey-Diablerets Swiss railcar (if that’s an acceptable translation of Automotrice and Triebwagen). The prototypes were built in 1913 by SWS and AEG and the model, in brass and steel is an absolute delight and the flush glazing a tour-de-force.

LBH continued with the suspension units on one of the ADR two-plank wagons, fixing the bases with epoxy and using a Poppy Axle Spacing jig to get the axles parallel. He also managed to fix the wandering leaf springs before the glue cured.

Paul🥇called in on his way to work, Andrew N decided how to hide the visible turnout operating mechanisms on Frecclesham (see 26th Feb post) and Andrew J applied undercoat to the sides of the rails on Lyne Road.

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