Jubilee Challenge

Week ending 7th April

This week the trackwork challenge was more conventional with plastic sleepers and chairs being glued in place. More gluing took place on Lyne Road as the platform surfaces were being fixed down. (cue – joke about a long weight) The NE 6 wheel brake progresses for Wagonman with footboards now in place and handrails added. And Mr Chairman started to re-vamp more shrubs for ABB by removing the old foliage and adding bark colour and texture to the trunks.

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Week ending 30th March

Although we had three sessions at the clubrooms not a lot of note or photo-worth appeared. Under the guidance of Mr Chairman, Luke started making some plain track using soldered construction. This is preparation for the possible Jubilee Challenge layout and general skill-building. He then moved on to using the fold up etched chairs, as used on LMJ. Meanwhile Mr Chairman fettled some buffers for the ex H&B 4 wheeled coach, among the last items to add to the build.

After a rebuilt gearbox and various bits of chassis work 4248 is running fairly well and has been successfully tested at home on Pavilion End including through the crossover.

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Black LMS locos

A possible solution to the short circuits on the 42xx may have been found. The split axle in the gearbox needs to critically be the right way around. The picture shows it in the correct orientation, which it wasn’t previously.

With a P4 new proposal being mooted for the Jubilee Challenge, some of the track components from LMJ have been unearthed. The templates are B8s whereas we are thinking about B6s.

Two LMS locos have recently emerged from Wagonman’s paintshop. The Coal Tank represents the final one that was at Abergavenny. The 2P is for the Upton on Severn branch. It is (fortunately) not visible in the photo but the lining on the boiler bands and elsewhere has crinkled.

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