Week ending 16 June 2024

An all-clubroom week this week.

Not many model photos from Monday, despite a good attendance.

TAFKATYS has made some progress on the Goods Shed for Tŷ’n-y-Coedcae and it is seen here in situ. Don’t be misled by the cerise hue; it’s an effect of the light passing through the curtains during a rare spell of sunshine.

A review of period images of south Wales’ pubs, principally here showed that rendered pubs were generally painted a very pale colour, probably while with the lowest 3-4 foot being a dark colour, probably black. Hence the repainting we see here and the mock up of the finishing,

The regular reader will notice the name change, chose to reference the Abergavenny location and its association with Crawshay Bailey, Junior.

Mike E brought along a whitemetal kit for a Midland 2P – a typical S & D loco. it was something unearthed from a cupboard. You can see the date on the wonderful instructions. Mike claims probably bought it about 20 years ago.

On Tuesday Mr Chairman continued to battle with the 4MT. A new hole has been drilled in a more convenient spot for the wires and leaving space for the connecting plug and socket. (under the centre axle)

But bits keep coming adrift. The black locating tab by the rear axle came off and resisted both butanone and superglue. It’ll have to be araldite next.

By Friday the low level light black paint had been applied, but it’ll need to be toned down before we’re finished.

And the lean-to, which will eventually be at the other end of the terrace, gained corrugated-iron roof.

For the row of houses a start has been made on some of the details. The chip shop frontage has been put together and awaits priming.

The ‘fret’ to the right are the parts for doors and windows of a single house. The door is three layers and the windows two. The glazing will be two separate pieces attached to the back, and I haven’t worked out yet how to do an open window.

The wiring is nearly complete on the 4MT with a plug attached to the tender sub-chassis. Having done some fiddly soldering in there I was keen to give it a test run. I thought trying to get the last two wires in (from the tender pickups) was pushing my luck. The test was successful, it still runs smoothly.

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Black LMS locos

A possible solution to the short circuits on the 42xx may have been found. The split axle in the gearbox needs to critically be the right way around. The picture shows it in the correct orientation, which it wasn’t previously.

With a P4 new proposal being mooted for the Jubilee Challenge, some of the track components from LMJ have been unearthed. The templates are B8s whereas we are thinking about B6s.

Two LMS locos have recently emerged from Wagonman’s paintshop. The Coal Tank represents the final one that was at Abergavenny. The 2P is for the Upton on Severn branch. It is (fortunately) not visible in the photo but the lining on the boiler bands and elsewhere has crinkled.

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