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Week ending 16 June 2024

An all-clubroom week this week.

Not many model photos from Monday, despite a good attendance.

TAFKATYS has made some progress on the Goods Shed for Tŷ’n-y-Coedcae and it is seen here in situ. Don’t be misled by the cerise hue; it’s an effect of the light passing through the curtains during a rare spell of sunshine.

A review of period images of south Wales’ pubs, principally here showed that rendered pubs were generally painted a very pale colour, probably while with the lowest 3-4 foot being a dark colour, probably black. Hence the repainting we see here and the mock up of the finishing,

The regular reader will notice the name change, chose to reference the Abergavenny location and its association with Crawshay Bailey, Junior.

Mike E brought along a whitemetal kit for a Midland 2P – a typical S & D loco. it was something unearthed from a cupboard. You can see the date on the wonderful instructions. Mike claims probably bought it about 20 years ago.

On Tuesday Mr Chairman continued to battle with the 4MT. A new hole has been drilled in a more convenient spot for the wires and leaving space for the connecting plug and socket. (under the centre axle)

But bits keep coming adrift. The black locating tab by the rear axle came off and resisted both butanone and superglue. It’ll have to be araldite next.

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LBH snuck into the clubrooms again and laid the short length of track into the Goods Shed and disda bit of ballasting.

He also completed assembling the ground frame (although he managed to break one of the levers). Need to paint one lever blue and one white now.

Progress with the ADR goods brakevan.

After a few failures it was possible to bend the handrails reasonably accurately and solder in place.

Later on the duckets were fitted and all handrails too. That leaves door handles on the sides and lamp brackets on the ends

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A quiet night in terms of numbers attending but nevertheless good progress made. MrC worked on a Goods Brake Van in Scaleseven (really enjoying all those handrails) and our Wizard painted the sleepers and chairs on the new track for the Goods Shed. Fred uses a combination of four colours (in this instance) to get the variations in hue found in chairs – a tin of ‘track colour’ is not the same thing!

Elsewhere LBH worked on a ground frame for Tŷ’n-y-Coedcae and Andrew J on a signal box for Lyne Road

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Tŷ’n-y-Coedcae Goods Shed

Away from the clubrooms TAFKATYS is beavering away on a Goods Shed for Tŷ’n-y-Coedcae and, to help with laying things out in an area where real estate is at a premium he provided LBH with the footprint, which was then transferred onto an Amazon card envelope. In the accompanying images the card indicates the outline of the shed and the position on the track has been drawn on it.

The buffer stop on the middle line is to be removed to provide rail access into the shed (this was always the plan) but there is a pinch point between the corner of the goods shed and the buffer stop on the other siding. Our eagle-eyed chairman noted that the buffer stop earmarked for removal was a bit shorter than its neighbour. So by transferring the short buffer stop over and removing three sleepers of track from the siding the pinch point was eased and the three-wagon capacity could be retained (just!). Hurrah!

Here’s the result of the night’s changes with the footprint the shed no longer impinging on the fiddle yard board, the rule is on the line of the track that will be laid into the shed and the buffer stop is fixed in its new position. LBH is happy with the outcome but unfortunately rather nice short lengths of wall and fence had to be removed.

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