Bolster wagons

Tuesday’s Talk

Tuesdays Talk started with a chat about another ramble along a disused railway. Up the Wye Valley to Tintern found favour for the summer trip with maybe the S&D tunnels in Bath in the autumn. Steve Bell showed some very interesting pics of mis-loaded wagons that had been stopped. There was plenty of variation in the wagons and the loads. We went on to view images from the Sankey Photo Archive largely looking at the Furness and Ravenglass and Eskdale railways.

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Wagonman unveiled a Fulgurex HOm Aigle-Sépey-Diablerets Swiss railcar (if that’s an acceptable translation of Automotrice and Triebwagen). The prototypes were built in 1913 by SWS and AEG and the model, in brass and steel is an absolute delight and the flush glazing a tour-de-force.

LBH continued with the suspension units on one of the ADR two-plank wagons, fixing the bases with epoxy and using a Poppy Axle Spacing jig to get the axles parallel. He also managed to fix the wandering leaf springs before the glue cured.

Paul🥇called in on his way to work, Andrew N decided how to hide the visible turnout operating mechanisms on Frecclesham (see 26th Feb post) and Andrew J applied undercoat to the sides of the rails on Lyne Road.

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