Pavilion End

Week ending 14 July 2024

Monday at the club had the usual tidying up theme. Inevitably lots of bits were thrown in my workbox at the end.

The only major problem with Pavilion End at the show was the failure of a point mechanism. Its position was too difficult for an immediate fix so the drive has been positioned to come from the rear of the layout instead from under the platform. The next steps are to connect a servo onto the other end, connect the drive, disguise the tube and reposition the ground signal.

On Tuesday Luke came with some lovely NG stock from Bachmann. The loco represents the Alice class from Dinorwic Quarry and the wagons are very good too.

We took the cliched opportunity to contrast two locos, both to 7mm scale – Dave’s 42xx and Luke’s Quarry Hunslet

Friday and a much better attendance than the usual four. There were 8 of us plus one visitor.

On Pavilion End the wire-in-tube drive has been connected up and hot glued in place. It curves around so that the servo can be close to its controlling circuit board to make plugging in easier. The turnout has been tested and all is satisfactory.

When he wasn’t installing point servos TAFKASTYS spent some time grinding away on the goods shed for T’yn y Coedcae blending in some new stonework. With 9 bodies present space was at a premium, so the corridor is being used to work out how to recycle ex-LMJ legs into supports for Luke’s shunting layout, advised by Wagonman.

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The second half of the year starts.

Monday is our only meeting at the clubrooms this week. Tuesday we’re on Zoom and Friday many of us ar helping Mr C set up Pavilion End at Penarth Exhibition at St Cyres School, Penarth.

Five of us made it to the clubrooms on Monday but with most of us continuing to work on he same projects we have no new photos. Sorry!

Tuesday bought our monthly electronic get together on Zoom and we had presentations from Mike E with his very appealing proposal for an American Short Line layout in 0 scale, a blatant plug for the Industrial Railway Society in the guise of info on the locos of Maritime (Pontypridd) and Varteg collieries from LBH, a fascinating selection of images of terraced houses culled from the web for research into window frame painting practice in the ’50s from Mr C and a fine collection of railway and family pictures from Stephen Bell.

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NEWGOG update

Pavilion End made its third appearance at NEWGOG but improved by additions to give more of a South Wales feel since its first outing. The coal train is headed by 4248, shedded at Ebbw Jct, the mixed freight is behind 666, and ex-ADR Victory tank, and the workman’s train now has three 4-wheeled coaches with real (or dubious) stories.

Ty’n-y-Coedcae was also at the show and also sported a Victory tank from an earlier era (and dubious colour). There is plenty of stock to make the yard look busy. What is stored in the fiddle yard is always of interest, particularly the Cambrian brake van – a very nice model.

A little damage to the fiddle yard track was repaired quickly before the exhibition opened.
Since its last outing the halt has gained a lamp.
The two B&MR dropside wagons in the Engineering train are Luke’s first essays in Scaleseven.
TAFKATYS’s Cambrian stock looked and ran well

And the surprise event of the day was the 1200 mm free-fall plummet.

The Ty’n-y-Coedcae entry was a Minerva Victory tank, which despite the fall, the most serious damage was this dent to one buffer. It says volumes for Minerva’s build quality.

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Burnham & District MRC Exhibition, Weston-super-Mare

A good day out was had with the chairman’s layout.

The proud creator at the controls.

We hope the passengers know where they are.
Rod and Dave having a fiddle.
Thunder came in like lightning to replace a Sentinel that had run out of juice.
Was the background inspired by Pontnewynydd?
Brake lights to be added once a BR loco takes over.

The well-travelled Cold Tea crate, with its latest destination, Weston 1/24, just added

Leading to the traditional post-exhibition toast.

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