The second half of the year starts.

Monday is our only meeting at the clubrooms this week. Tuesday we’re on Zoom and Friday many of us ar helping Mr C set up Pavilion End at Penarth Exhibition at St Cyres School, Penarth.

Five of us made it to the clubrooms on Monday but with most of us continuing to work on he same projects we have no new photos. Sorry!

Tuesday bought our monthly electronic get together on Zoom and we had presentations from Mike E with his very appealing proposal for an American Short Line layout in 0 scale, a blatant plug for the Industrial Railway Society in the guise of info on the locos of Maritime (Pontypridd) and Varteg collieries from LBH, a fascinating selection of images of terraced houses culled from the web for research into window frame painting practice in the ’50s from Mr C and a fine collection of railway and family pictures from Stephen Bell.

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