Bwthyn y Rhosod

Thornbury Two Trips

Taking Bwthyn y Rhosod (TLFKAByR) to the Thornbury Show went well, though the start was a bit eventful. After assembly we couldn’t find the cassettes for the fiddle yard – and yes, we’d left them behind. So LBH volunteered to go back to get them. Preparations continued until we found that there were more items we didn’t have. By this time we calculated that LBH would be on his way back with few chance to turn around so SteveN set of on another trip to collect items.

With nothing else missing Bwthyn y Rhosod was ready to go and was soon attracting plenty of attention.

The view the visitors don’t get to see is the one from the fiddle yard through onto the layout. We didn’t have any major problems, though Paul W had to tie the hook back onto the crane.

We were over-staffed on Saturday with about 10 of us present. Could it have been because no show is complete without a meal on at least one evening? We patronized the Wheatsheaf on the town.

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Modern technology has played a part in railway modelling at the Newport club for quite some time, going back to things like diode matrixes to control movements. The trend continues with Templot being used for layout design and resin parts being used to provide the required result. Here Rhobat is converting a L&Y 2-4-2 tank into a Barry Railway class J, which was very similar. There is also a different cab needed, to come later.

Preparations for moving Bwthyn y Rhosod over to Thornbury for the show were largely completed on Tuesday. Here the gang are separating the boards and packing them together ready to transport.

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Week ending 28th April

This week we have been preparing Bwthyn y Rhosod for its trip to the Thornbury Show. It is successfully erected, connected up and tested. The stock is now being trialled and coupling settings adjusted.

Also Morgan has been putting together some 4mm Dingham couplings for his 00 stock.

Luke’s Mainline and City stock converted to P4 has been put together as a rake and decisions made on couplings and the right gap between the coaches. Unfortunately the rather neat magnetic couplings provided too big a gap. We settled on the medium gap.

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