More Preparation

The NDR brake van is just about finished and ready for duty on Sunday at the Monmouth show.

Luke’s suggestion of a private siding behind the wall looks good.
A hint of what might run at the show.

With the goods shed not yet available a quick mock-up was made to block the view of exit to the fiddle yard.

Meanwhile Wagonman has started on a NE 6 wheel brake.

By the end of the evening the Goods Shed had acquired a rough coat of paint and a wooden FPL cover was fitted (Andrew N also made a hinged metal cover which will be fitted after the exhibition.

And Luke finished building and painting the layout nameboard.

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Tar Works wall and a PBV

Wagonman’s progress is unrelenting – he has just started on an ex-NER Passenger Brake Van based on a D&S kit.

Tke long-running saga of the Tar Works wall is approaching its denouement having been stuck down. We probably need a little more to show of the works itself now. Out of shot Paul 🥇 was painting the fascia, MrC was assembling cassettes as well as continuing with the GBV and Luke was preparing the name baord.

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