Week ending 9 June 2024

Bank holidays and half term over we got back to normal this week with five attending in Monday.

The terrace on ABB with be bookended by a chippie, with a small lean-to and a pub, both will be finished in render to contrast to the brick-built cottages.

Tuesday saw seven of us chatting on Zoom and presentation covered Richmond (NER) and Simla (SKR). Hopefully next month Mike E will chat about modelling US shortlines in 1:48.

Our resident Wizard has made substantial progress on a GWR County Tank with the aid of an 88D Models kit.

By Friday a bit of progress had been made on The Two Gongs.

After a period of storage this 4MT is back on the workbench for attention. Having established that the chip is damaged the hunt was on for a suitable location for the new one. Previously it was tight on top of the motor and it probably got too hot. There is no further space in the boiler as it is full of lead, so it looks like it’s got to be in the tender. There’ll be long leads to the motor which is right behind the smokebox.

The tender has a compensated sub-chassis which needs to come away to get access for the chip. Handling this managed to dislodge one of the pick-ups which can be seen dangling at the front. By the time that had been glued back in place the one on the other side had fallen off!

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