Y Faenor

TAFKATYS’s layout in Scaleseven (7mm/ft, 33 mm gauge)

Y Faenor started life as one of the clubs Coronalayouts, but has taken on a post-Covid life and now has its own page.

Not content with his first Coronavirus layout TAFKATYS is building a second one, initially known by its working title Folly’s End but now rejoicing in the name of Y Faenor (Vaynor in English) after the parish to the north of Merthyr.

It is 2.4m x 600mm (approx 8′ x 2′), it will be to 7mm/ft, Scaleseven standards, depict LNWR practice and sport two turnouts (as indeed the very best layouts do!).

The timbers and sleepers have been laser cut direct from the Templot plan by Greenwood.

14 June update 

Timbers and sleepers dyed and a good start has been made on a Rail Model Type D Signal Box. 

Update 21 August

TAFKATYS has completed his first S7 turnout. And his coach runs over it!

Update 28 August

Most of the track is now laid on Y Faenor

Click on this link to be taken to a video of a loco rinning on it

Update 8 Jan 2021

While LBH was wittering on about the ADR’s subsidiary the PC&N  TAFKATYS was amusing himself working on the signal box for Y Faenor

And the following week worked on the internal details

Update 21 January

This weeks’ activity was the goods shed, which stalled as TAFKATYS ran out of the cladding to finish the interior. 

For a goods shed it’s quite modest, but is quite dominant on such a small canvas.

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