Stroat Harbour

New member Ed Gordon is putting together a minimum size OO quay-side layout, which had its first outing at the club open day in 2023.

An entirely fictional layout, but inspired by the Forest of Dean and the Severn and Wye Railway. The main aim of the layout is to create a simple layout where a few wagons can be pushed back and forth. It has no specific time period, but probably around the 1940s to 1970s. . 

Built on a 3ft x 1ft baseboard, which was left over from an earlier layout. 

The track plan is extremely simple with two turnouts, creating a ‘Z’ shaped layout. 

The main parts of the layout include a goods shed, a headhunt, a fuel siding and of course, the fiddle yard. 

The layout is analogue, with the points controlled by hand. Track is Peco Streamline, code 100 rail. 

The main rolling stock at present is a BR class 14 ‘teddy bear’ and a L&YR class 21 ‘pug’, with a selection of wagons (mainly western).

Here are a few bare-boards views taken early in its life

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