P4 in A4

A Modelling Challenge set at the end of 2013

During one of those odd discusions of mad cap ideas we discussed setting up a P4 challenge to put a micro-layout into a foolscap box. Whilst this slightly larger than A4 the name “P4 in A4” has stuck. The timeline is to bring the layouts to the traditional Dec 2014 Christmas meeting, so we have just over a year to create a model about the size of an A4 sheet.

The rules are quite simple

  1. The layout has to be transported to the club in a foolscap folder box with the lid closed and meet the outside dimensions of 75H x 375W x 245D mm. 
  2. P4 standards apply.
  3. Only stock, control panel and loco controllers can arrive in a separate box. Lighting, scenery, backscene all have to arrive in the closed layout box.

So to clarify some potential questions,

  • The final assembled layout can be as large or small as you want.
  • The box may form part of the layout, or just be a transport vessel.
  • The box can be modified but must be capable of transporting the layout WITHIN the dimensions above.
  • Anyone without a P4 loco/Stock may borrow them – this isn’t about building stock, it’s the layout that’s the challenge!
  • If you can fit a 46′ by 16′ layout into a foolscap box – fine,  just to repeat – you are not limited in foot print of the assembled layout.
  • Not yet decided if or how the entries will be judged.
  • The idea was to have a bit of “fun” with this so if there are any prizes they won’t be for “best Layout”, “Most pointlessly over detailed” being more likely.
  • XYS is the Rules Refferee/Adjudicator and as such, decisions are final, possibly arbitrary and likely to be unfair. There is no appeals process and winging is likely to bring about draconian rules checking. Arguing is futile. In XYS’s view there is no point to power unless you plan to abuse it!

The Outcome

Progress on the layouts can be seen on the What we did in 2015 (scroll to the entry for 9th January) and 2015 Open Day pages and at their final showing at the Scalefour Society AGM in Danny Cockling’s Flickr Presentation

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