Abergavenny Blackbrook old


The purpose of Abergavenny Blackbrook (known affectionately as ABB) is to be a simple, small P4 layout designed to take on the Exhibition Circuit.

It was designed to fit into two estate cars (see how we did here) and, with an eye to the future on Little Mill Junction, provides a platform to test and stress locos stock and coupling systems and develop and hone techniques.

track plan created using Templot.

The track plan was conceptually based on that of Frecclesham, which gives plenty of opportunity for a reasonable operating sequence, but its compound turnouts have been replaced by standard units for speed of construction. Suspiciously the final design bears a uncanny resemblance to Dowlais Central (B&MR).

Progress as of 26 July 2019 and we are pleased with the overall effect

Details of the layout for Exhibition Managers can be found here.

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